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Men's 18 speed Nishki Blazer Mountain Project 26" Wheels & Tires Very BIG SOFT SEAT!!!! Front Basket and Rear saddle baskets Front & rear lighting & Horn ! 19" from the center of the pedals to the seat mount.



The Paris Express Peugeot 5 speed with lawn mower attachment a Great States 415-16 16-Inch Standard Full Feature Push Reel Lawn Mower And Heat Treated Blades. This lawn mower bike has other attachments.24 X 1.95 front tire and a 26 X1.95 rear tire, 21'' from the center of the pedals to the seat mount. MTN back rack. Large seat.Horn.Bell and a drink holder.Serial # P9E28572 ( And yes we recycle from all locations

The Lawn Mower Bike


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Christopher Metcalfe

The Snow Plow Bike.


This Snow Plow Bike is on Cape Cod Ma.

1963 Schwinn City Cruiser single speed with coaster brakes , 26" Banana Saddle Vinyl,Beach Cruiser High Back Sissy Bar, 42in,26 X 2.20 Holy Roller all terrain tire MAXXIS COM , Serial # SW63A76593 , Hot-Z 5.5 USA Patriotic Cart Bag mounted front of bike on a ZTech Steel Pull Cart.


Huffy Cransbrook Beach Cruiser Frame durable steel cruiser frame , Kick stand Handlebars comfortable cruiser style with front basket Seat paddle spring saddle plus alloy quick-release for easy adjustments Tires: 26" x 2.125" "Balloon" tires with white walls Brake: easy-to-use coaster brake , Large rear saddle basket , Front and rear fenders , 18 '' from the center of the pedals to the seat mount with a 12'' extension , Serial # AL08K005157 * 56368 29308A A great beach cruiser This bike would make a great Fishing bike for fishing. By the self proclaimed best fishing bike builder Christopher Metcalfe Creations.


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MINTCRAFT 26" PINK LADIES STEEL BEACH CRUISER BIKE BICYCLE Kick Stand , Front and rear baskets , Bell , 26 X 2.125 white wall tires new tubes , 16'' from the center of the pedals to the seat mount with a 12'' extension , Serial # K50129846 .